Counseling - Oregon & Washington

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be very beneficial for anxiety, challenging transitions and over all stressors.  Therapy is a collaborative process of learning skills to help deal with challenging situations. Some of the common goals of therapy include making healthy decisions, handling difficult transitions, and increasing quality of life.  Anxieties and stressors can make it difficult to set goals and follow through with them. Therapy provides tools to help navigate through issues that are hard to face alone. Many individuals find the therapeutic process rewarding due to the accountability, support and growth.

Teletherapy works well with all types of individuals.  It’s convenient for adults because it saves travel time, can be done at your location and on your time table.  Teens really enjoy being able to be at home and not worry about running into peers in the waiting room or having to drive home with parents who are asking a lot of questions.  I’ve been working with young adults in college for a long time who have gone to college and are trying to manage anxiety and stress.

I’ve really enjoyed learning and doing therapy with kids online.  I’m learning about doing online games  and helping kids work through anxiety in the comforts of their own home.  There are lots of kid activities such as directive play therapy, art, media and creating “play therapy kits."  Teletherapy has opened up techniques I never thought possible.  Remember make sure to provide adequate space for activities - you never know when we might break out into a dance.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be very effective for children with anxiety because it creates an environment where the child does not feel like the problem.  Anxiety disorders can run in families and parents with anxiety are more likely to have children with anxiety.  Family therapy is the process of identifying challenging situations and learning how to problem solve, communicate and look at things from a different perspective. Family work incorporates parents and the child in the process so that each of them can learn and practice new skills to help reduce anxiety and improve quality of life.

Family therapy in teletherapy can be just as effective and fun.  I do a combination of family work with everyone and family check in time and individual work with the kiddo.  It is convenient and easy to do when certain tools are used.