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Mentorship program

Mentorship Program:

Creating and building your anxiety therapy practice is a great way to work with an underserved population. Whether you want this to be your only focus or add to your growing practice, this program will help you establish the foundation for an anxiety specialty.

Why Anxiety and related disorders niche?

This is such an important and rapidly growing area of therapy and one that is very rewarding. I enjoy working in an area where you can witness your client’s growth and take charge to enrich their lives. I like that there is progress and ways to track it. Anxiety doesn’t always go away completely, but it is manageable and giving clients hope is fulfilling.

Why is a community important?

Doing therapy in private practice can be isolating and challenging.  Knowing how to treat different anxiety disorders requires skill and collaboration. A community gives you access to other professionals to interact with, share ideas and lean on for support.

Why do I need to connect with Business Advisors?

Creating a solid business foundation means creating an advisory committee to help you understand the different aspects of business. If you are a solo practitioner you need to have a team of advisors to help you become a well-rounded clinician.

Please email me at deb@dmertlich.com to get more information.