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Professional Consultation Group 

Clients often present clinicians with situations that challenge their range of experience, skill, knowledge or expertise. While this is understandably a more common phenomenon for early career therapists who are still gaining clinical experience, more seasoned therapists aren’t immune. That may be because they haven’t had specific training in the area in question or don’t know where to look for current research.

This is where working with NW Anxiety Solutions (NWAS) can be very beneficial to your practice. NWAS Case Share Consultation Group provides regular support and development group with fellow therapists. We are your colleagues with whom you can develop a long-term, trusting relationship and talk openly about cases and how to build your skill set.

Through our collaborative partnership we can objectively assist you with individual cases, have round table discussions on your therapeutic path with a client and provide quantitative advice that the Case Share Professionals have taken with similar clients.

NW Anxiety Solutions has had years of experience in working with professional Case Study groups and feel they have been invaluable to our success. Come join our group and reap the benefits of our experience and professionalism.