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Family Therapy

Family therapy can be very effective for children with anxiety because it creates an environment where the child does not feel like the problem.  Anxiety disorders can run in families and parents with anxiety are more likely to have children with anxiety.  Family therapy is the process of identifying challenging situations and learning how to problem solve, communicate and look at things from a different perspective. Family work incorporates parents and the child in the process so that each of them can learn and practice new skills to help reduce anxiety and improve quality of life.

Family therapy in teletherapy can be just as effective and fun.  I do a combination of family work with everyone and family check in time and individual work with the kiddo.  It is convenient and easy to do when certain tools are used.

I really enjoy working with parents and teletherapy has opened that up considerably.  I can schedule parent meetings that offer mentoring for kids with anxiety and help parents reduce “accommodation” behaviors that often reinforce anxiety behaviors.  There is a lot of data that shows that working with parents without kids present can help improve the process of anxiety treatment for kids and families.  The roadblocks and hurdles I’ve run into is that both parents can’t come to the sessions because of time, travel, and other issues.  Teletherapy offers a great alternative to having to come to the office.  I am excited about this work.