NW Anxiety Solutions Clinicians


What is a Community Network?

Creating a community is very important to growth and security. Doing therapy in private practice can be isolating and challenging.  Knowing how to treat different anxiety disorders requires skill and collaboration. A community gives you and other clinicians the opportunity to interact with, share ideas and learn from each other

How do you help with online visibility?

 Practitioner Directory: You create your own profile on NW Anxiety Solutions website. This can be used as your primary web presence or you can link your website.

SEO: Marketing is expensive. Getting on Psychology Today and other sites can bring some visibility, but you have to pay for each site you join and that will add up. Being a part of a website that has strong SEO is critically for business growth. I work directly with Semrush for SEO to look at keyword research, SEO link building and technical SEO. I also have a website specialist to help with content creation and generate ways to improve visibility online. This helps you save time and grow your practice as a solo or group practice. My current SEO is focused on Oregon, Washington, and Utah. I will be growing into other states

What do you get in the community?

Anxiety Workshop:

I bring together small groups of clinician education groups through zoom. I focus on collaborating, consulting and teaching each other in a supportive environment.  I create a community cultural that promotes creativity and mastery of therapy skills so we can improve our quality of care to our clients and ourselves.

Money Mindset Workshop:

I help clinicians develop an entrepreneurial/solopreneurial mindset to build successful and profitable businesses.  We don’t learn how to focus on profit when we are in grad school

Accountability check in:

I believe holding each other accountable helps clinicians develop better habits, build friendships and feel safe and secure in their profession.

Q& A for business professionals:

I’ve built and continue to grow a team of advisors to help me build a successful business. I’ve never thought I had all the answers. I work with Attorney’s, tele therapy experts, business consultants, specialists with notes, tx plans and insurance requirements, accountants and bookkeepers. I am constantly exploring other people I can add to the mix. I will provide the community with resources and if I don’t know the answer to your question I will reach out to the people I know and help find the answer


There are lists of resources within the community network platform. I encourage clinicians to add to the resources to help improve accessibility to CEU options, diversity trainings, business classes, and suicide training to keep skills up to date

Are you accepting new members? 

I have 4 onboarding sessions per year to make sure I can go through how to get the most out of the network. To start fill out the “become a member” form and we will go from there.

Can anyone join?

I am starting with licensed mental health professionals, but I am planning on opening up to other professionals who work with anxiety disorders.

I support group practices and solo practitioners. Group practices may offer membership to NW Anxiety Solutions network as a perk to their contractors and employees.