NW Anxiety Solutions Clinicians


Consultation is a great way to continue your professional development. I provide intimate 1:1 consultation for Therapists wanting to stay current with treatments, explore alternative specialties, and learn from my personal experience what treatments elicit success with clients. My consultation program caters to your specific needs as a provider. Consulting with NW Anxiety Solutions (NWAS) provides guidance on treating anxiety, ranging from discussing evidence-based treatments to understanding the nuances of your specific patient’s anxiety and how it manifests, and considerations on the application of treatments. Evidence-based treatment is more than just following a protocol; our patients are individuals and a cookie-cutter approach to treatment ignores this nuance of individuality. As a successful therapist with two decades of hands-on experience with a variety of diagnosis, NWAS can help you navigate the challenges that you confront in your practice. At NWAS we view our Consultation program as a type of collaborative Mentorship.  A critical tool to unlocking your creativity, re-establishing your passion for the work and an avenue to share ideas with a knowledgeable partner.