Online Counseling - Oregon & Washington


I started my career doing in-home therapy and loved working with families in their environment and homes. Over the years, it’s gotten more cost prohibitive and time consuming to do in-home work. Teletherapy is a wonderful way for me to go back to doing what I love so much. I get to see individuals and families in their homes. Furthermore, computer technology, high speed broadband, encrypted and HIPAA compliant safety has all improved to make this a viable and productive alternative to “traditional” therapy. 

Teletherapy is not just doing “therapy online”.  It doesn’t just mean a different location for therapy. It is a different way of thinking about therapy. I love the creativity side of therapy and this is helping me think of new ways of doing things. I can help client work in their home where the anxiety is often most present.

Imagine removing the stress of sitting in traffic, potentially running late for your session, or waiting to handoff child duties to your spouse to make your therapy appointment.  How much less stressful would therapy be, if we could remove these additional stressful factors out of the equation?  Teletherapy has countless advantages and as your therapist I’m evolving my practice to better meet your needs. 

I offer treatment options for both the individual and their family members. I've incorporated e-learning to create a Hybrid model that combines 1:1 therapy with education. For the individual, I offer uniquely tailored programs covering a variety of anxiety disorders. I utilize my experience to custom design a program that will best serve the client's needs.  I believe strongly that each individual’s situations are unique and therefore the programs that we develop together should mirror that belief.

Likewise, I offer a family therapy and parent training hybrid model that focuses on providing families with the skills to manage anxiety and family dynamics. I feel that working with the family to bring about patterns of change and improvement is vitally important for long-term success to be realized. 

I also self paced options for individuals and families who might not have the time to do traditional therapy.