NW Anxiety Solutions Clinicians


Northwest Anxiety Solutions (NWAS) is a successful Online Therapy practice that is looking to broaden its reach and serve more people. We are creating a Multi-State Anxiety Specialist Network that will help individuals and families find clinicians that specialize in their area.

We offer unique opportunity for newly licensed professionals and experienced therapists who are looking to focus on assisting clients and being a part of a collaborative community network. We know everyone has heard Attorney’s say “Consult, Consult, Consult” when you have questions about ethics or are just stumped by a client situation. We provide the consultation that you are looking for

There is a great need for therapists who specialize in anxiety disorders. One of the benefits of a collective network are the ability to draw from other Therapists skills, specialties and real-world solutions. Therapy is like many other specialized professions in that continued education and growth will enhance your effectiveness with your clients.

All NWAS clinicians are members of the network and independent business owners. We are not an agency. All professional services are under individual practitioner license, independent business and practice style. We do not take a percentage of your fee. Members pay a flat monthly fee to cover certain services. We provide you the tools to simplify your practice and allow you to focus on assisting your client’s needs.