Counseling - Oregon & Washington

Together we will face your fears and allow you to live the life you desire.


Insurance for treatment: Using insurance for therapy or counseling is a great option for most people. I want to make sure people know what goes into using insurance. It requires medical necessity, which means the therapist must identify a diagnosis and treatment plan in order to track progress in reduction of symptoms. Using insurance is appropriate when there is an impairment with quality of life and they meet the diagnostic criteria. Receiving a diagnosis and organizing treatment plans is not a negative way to pursue treatment. This is a great option for a lot of people who are in distress and need a specific intervention. Using “In network” benefits and “Out of network” benefits have the same diagnostic requirements. 

Self-pay for treatment: Deciding to pay out of pocket for sessions is also another option. This provides the flexibility of pay for service and less of a structure of a specific diagnosis. There is still a focus on building skills and identifying progress, but it doesn’t need to focus on a specific diagnostic criteria. Self pay parent training and workshops can also be an effective way to improve the family dynamics without needing a specific diagnosis.

Both of these options are investments in individual and family improvements. Recognizing the benefits of counseling and treatment are important as individuals &  families start the process of looking for a qualified professional to help them with their challenges. Understanding that learning skills will Improve their ability to manage the stressors that come with daily experiences. Counseling is an opportunity to work on yourself as well as family

If you would like to use your insurance please check with your insurance company to verify in-network and out-of-network benefits. Insurance companies are not as willing to share information about member benefits with providers as they used to. That means it is the clients responsibility to verify benefits.