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Practice Information


I offer my services through video conferencing platforms that offers a HIPAA-compliant, secure, and encrypted connection.  You can use any electronic device (computer, tablet, smart phone).  My Teletherapy service is available to Individuals and Families located in Oregon and Washington.

The benefits of Teletherapy compared to in-person psychotherapy include:

  • Community Health: During the Coronavirus outbreak, you can get the mental health support that you need without exposing yourself to the virus.
  • Convenience: Online therapy can take less time away from your life at work or at home. Plus, you don’t need to worry about traffic, or travel miles to meet with your Therapist. The session can happen wherever you are comfortable.
  • Comfort: It can be more comfortable to use the video conference than talking to someone in person, especially when revealing personal or private information.
  • Privacy: You may need additional privacy because you are high profile in the community and are concerned about running into others in the waiting room.  This is a constant fear for my clients that are in Middle and High School.
  • Access: You live in a remote or rural area with limited access to therapists. Your chronic illness, disability, or mental health concerns (agoraphobia or social anxiety) may prevent you from leaving your home.  You have already been in therapy with me and you’ve moved somewhere else in Oregon or abroad and would like to continue sessions.
  • Efficiency: Driving across town, in traffic adds stress, not reduces it.  With online therapy the transition to being mentally and psychologically ready for your session is much easier transition.
  • Illness: A chronic illness, common cold or the Flu can negatively impact your ability to keep your traditional therapy appointment.
  • Improved Communications: One of my initial concerns with Teletherapy was would it effect the communication between myself and my clients.  I have found that the opposite has been true.  Feeling relaxed, in their environment and has had a remarkable effect on my clients.  Especially true with my younger clients…now if I could just get them to stop spinning in their chairs. LOL.
  • Access to remote clients: Is has been a huge benefit to access to mental health services. As long as your community has decent WiFi or cellular connection you now have access to therapeutic services like never before.
  • Access to college students: I have a lot of clients that have transitioned to Colleges and Universities and are unable to meet regularly with traditional psychotherapy.  This isn’t an issue with Teletherapy.  This transition can be much easier with frequent support and check-ins. Teletherapy makes this a seamless benefit for your College student.

Therapeutic Relationship in Teletherapy

You may wonder if it is possible to build rapport with your counselor online.  It turns out that most people project more authentic versions of themselves from the comfort of their own homes.  The integrity of the therapeutic relationship is not diluted in teletherapy.  It is entirely possible to accurately track shifting facial expressions, emotions, and even body language on a video call.

*Limitations of Teletherapy

The most notable disadvantage of teletherapy is a technological glitch due to inconsistency in Internet connection strength or issues with the video chat platform (dropped calls, frozen screens, echoing, or low-resolution video feeds can interfere with the therapeutic experience). I have created a separate tab that breaks down all the your equipment needs, essential paperwork and Teletherapy-specific requirements